05 April 2013

Professionals Reviews

Professionals #1 zine reviewed two of Debila Records' releases

METHADON FÜR KATRIN RANDOM/OJASENOWAK EP 3”CDR (DEBILA RECORDS – #059) || Only twenty-seven copies of this EP exist, documenting one sixteen-minute composition from the mysterious METHADON FÜR KATRIN handle. The game here is spacious industrial noise, featuring a reverberant clamor that seems to originate from the other end of a warehouse. Amidst it all is the stream of a seemingly illicit radio transmission, which helplessly flickers against the heavy void. This grips onto ominousness without resorting to brutal noise pulverization, which works for me. (MT) ||

VARIOUS ARTISTS ONLY RICE AND BEANS: 16 YEARS OF DEBILA RECORDS 3”CDR (DEBILA RECORDS – #058) || A list of heavy-hitters graces this diminutive tribute to Debila Records' sixteen year history. Debila head Nejc further dedicates the disc to a list of pioneering Slovenian noise labels with colourful names: Beer Records, Fuck-U-Tapes, Coca Core Tapes, Abnormal Tapes, etc. It's a wonderful artifact that does due justice to its small but persistent scene. Among the noise kingpins represented are the suffocating hate of ÂMES SANGLANTES (Canada), the corrupted-file terror of HINYOUKI (Spain), and the strident chaos of NAPALMED (Czech Republic). From other corners come Slovenia's A.U.B., an early Debila act who chuck out a trio of punishing hardcore blips, and SNAJPER (Slovenia) who regurgitates tinny noisecore composed entirely of masticated growl-vox and intermittent pates of junk-noise. Only ERIC BOROS' (France) dare-I-say-pretty acoustic guitar meditations and KA-BOOOM!!! and KARMAKUMULATOR's inspired textural experiments break the flagrantly caustic mold. Also featured: SKLO (Czech Republic), SONIC DISORDER (USA). (MT) ||

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