09 November 2016

UF UR NJAK / Trovač - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)

UF UR NJAK / Trovač - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 25 copies

Komjunist Ninja / UF UR NJAK - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)

Komjunist Ninja / UF UR NJAK - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 25 copies

Ash U Ra - LP 3'' CD-R (2016)

Ash U Ra - LP 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Comes in home-made cardboard pockets. Each is unique. 
Limited to 30 copies

31 October 2016

16 October 2016

Mrož Fest 2016

Location: Menza pri koritu, Ljubljana, Slovenia  
Both days: Second hand records/tapes/CD market
DJ program after party

Friday, 28.10.2016

Performers - from 21:00 on:
SIST EN 343 (Ljubljana)
KIKIRIKI (Maribor)
SNOGG + AZBUKA (Velenje/Hrastnik)

WILD & FAMOUS (Ljubljana)

Saturday, 29.10.2016

Performers - from 21:00 on:
USNU? (Czech republic)

ADAM_IS (Greece)
M.D.T. (Greece)

30 September 2016

Sist En 343 / Brother of Judo - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)

Sist En 343 / Brother of Judo - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 31 copies

27 September 2016

20 July 2016

Raven - War is Not the Answer 3'' CD-R (2016)

Raven - War is Not the Answer 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Comes in home-made cardboard pockets. Each is unique.
Limited to 30 copies


02 June 2016

Striations - Pimping Out Mommy 3'' CD-R (2016)

Striations - Pimping Out Mommy 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 30 copies

01 June 2016

UF-UR-NJAK FT. SNAGA ‎- +15 6 11 3+ 3'' CD-R (2016)

UF-UR-NJAK FT. SNAGA ‎- +15 6 11 3+ 3'' CD-R (2016) 
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 30 copies

27 May 2016

Brother of Judo - That Evening with Infra-Man (Tape C-60, 2016)

Brother of Judo - That Evening with Infra-Man (Tape C-60, 2016)
Released by Debila Records
Comes with a sexy sticker
Limited to 13 copies

UF-UR-NJAK - Gorim Pod Pazduhoj 3'' CD-R (2016)

UF-UR-NJAK - Gorim Pod Pazduhoj 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 30 copies


17 April 2016

MFK / Brother of Judo - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)

MFK / Brother of Judo - Split 3'' CD-R (2016)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 31 copies

06 April 2016

Živa Meja – 383 / Kurbenhaus Vaservaga (Tape C-25, 2016)

Živa Meja - 383 / Kurbenhaus Vaservaga (Tape C25, 2016)
Released in co-operation with Debila Records and Liži Pičku Records
Comes on white tapes with booklet plus a sticker
Limited to 20 copies

28 March 2016

Zasavje Noisefest International 2016

International festival of experimental sound and noise
3rd Edition
► 3rd – 4th June (friday/saturday)
► at Vašhava RTH (The Black Room), Trbovlje, Slovenia
► doors open: friday 16:00 / saturday 14:00
► starts at 18:30 till 06:00
Organization/Production: Infundibulum Association [Assoc. for Theory and Practice of (Experimental/Noise) Sound Art]
Co-organization: Delavski dom Trbovlje / On-parole
► Tickets: Both days € 25 / Friday € 15 / Saturday € 15
Order: http://znfi.org/tickets

► // ZNFI 2016 & Slovenian Noise Transversale //
Hrastnik – Trbovlje – Maribor – Bistrica ob Sotli – Koper – Tolmin – Ljubljana – Vrhnika
§ Pre-fest & post-fest dates around the festival: 1st/2nd + 5th/6th/7th June (more info below*).

Zasavje Noisefest International (ZNFI), Vol. 3, once again brings a substantial list of international performers and noise artists from all over the world to show their craft at the industrial venue – decommissioned coal-miners-washroom called “vašhava”. On both days, 3rd and 4th June, the place is going to rumble under the intense pressure of sound frequencies, with added visual effect of the space itself, i.e. the chains hanging/dropping down from the high-constructed ceiling.
The festival is unique for a simple reason that it brings together various actors from all around the globe, to the industrial setting that is specific to the environment/region that we live in.
The setting invokes the ‘noise’ and industrial aesthetics by its own definition, and with the annual ZNFI festival we just bring the sound and noise into/unto it.
Various performers are brought together from the fields of noise/experimental/(dark) ambient/industrial/power electronics/performing noise arts/actionism and other subgenres of the experimental/noise world.
We invite You to come to the fest and join the noise uproar in the forthcoming June.
The program at the main arena of the ZNFI festival, vašhava’s 1st room, equipped with chains (i.e. the black room), is going to unroll with the following list of performers, during the 2 day festival;

◙ Line-up by days:

▬▬▬ Friday: Amper-o-mat (SI), Luxury Mollusc (IE), Nascitari (IT), Snøgg (SI), Bhagavad Dita (RS), IOIOI (IT), HOEHENKONTROLLE #3 (DE/SI), Extreme Smoke 57 (SI), Raven (RS), Convulsif (CH), Kikiriki & Holzkopf (SI/CA), Kasper T. Toeplitz & Erik Drescher (FR-PL/DE), Emerge (DE), Lijel (BE), Dry Greed (UK), Rez Epo (PL), Marta Zapparoli (DE) ▬▬▬

▬▬▬ Saturday: Noise Purity (FR-PL), Animal Machine (UK), Joulupukki (FI), Brut (UK), Zan Hoffman/Zanstones (USA), Mare Di Dirac (IT), Purgist (PL), Crank Sturgeon (USA), Zergon (SI), Agression Sonore (FR), Fecal Vomit (RS), Velge Naturlig (PT), Kindvriendelijk (BE), Myrornas Krig (SI), Del_F64.0 (DE), Umdhlebi (SI), Lametàfisica (IT), The B. Bees (SI) ▬▬▬

—► IOIOI (experimental/electroacoustic, IT)
—► Mare di Dirac (dark ambient/drone/noise/experimental, IT)
—► Marta Zapparoli (noise/experimental, DE)
—► Snogg (experimental black metal, SI)
—► Agression Sonore (harshnoise, FR)
—► Umdhlebi (noise, SI)
—► Kikiriki & Holzkopf (dub/noise/sci-fi, SI/CA)
—► Zergon (modular nosie, SI)
—► Amper-o-mat (noise, SI)
—► Animal Machine (noise, UK)
—► Brut (woman is a weapon, UK)
—► Hoehenkontrolle #3 (noise/experimental/soundscape, DE/SI)
—► Kasper T. Toeplitz & Erik Drescher (electronics/glissando flute, FR-PL/DE)
—► Noise Purity (experimental noise, FR-PL)
—► Velge Naturlig (ambient, PT)
—► Fecal Vomit (shitnoise, RS)
—► Bhagavad Dita (harshnoise, RS)
—► Lijel (butoh/noise/performance, BE)
—► Kindvriendelijk (noise, NL)
—► Rez Epo (noise/ambient, PL)
—► Lametafisica / Alessandra Zerbinati (concrete/noise/circuit bending, IT)
—► Joulupukki (harsh noise, FI)
—► Zan Hoffman — Zanstones/Bodycocktail (dancer, sonic explorer & cazador d'hórreo, USA)
—► The B. Bees (noise/drone SI)
—► Dry Greed (death industrial/noise, UK)
—► Raven (harsh noise, RS)
—► Del_F64.0 (industrial/speedcore, DE)
—► Purgist (overcast electronics, PL)
—► Crank Sturgeon (fischkopf psychedelia, USA)
—► Luxury Mollusc (noise/improvised castration rituals, IE)
—► Emerge (musique concrète, DE)
—► Extreme Smoke 57 (grindcore, SI)
—► Myrornas Krig (drone/experimental, SI)
—► Nascitari (noise, IT)
—► Convulsif (noise/doom/drone/experimental, CH)

◙ ▬▬▬ Additional (parallel) program:
- Pharmafabrik Chill-Out Room (ambient audio-video relaxation room)
- Sculpture Installation Art Jurak
- Photography Exhibition by Špela Bergant
- Aphra Tesla Operating System (video installation)
- White Room (solo noise & jam session room)
- DJ program by Kaizer the Dj (Gwerk Sound Movement)
- Free Flea Market/Labels Distro: cd’s, tapes, LP’s, merchandise etc. (exchange/donations).
- vegetarian/vegan food

§ *ZNFI festival is also connected and collaborates with other venues/clubs/spaces throughout Slovenia, and is going to include in its program, same as each year, pre-fest and post-fest activities on the following dates: 1st June – 2nd June (pre-fest) + 5th – 7th June (post-fest) at various venues in the following cities/towns:

/ Pre-fest /
1st June: UPInde / Koper / 20:00
2nd June: MMC Mink / Tolmin / 21:00
2nd June: Live radio show at Radio Študent FM 89,3MHz, after midnight / Ljubljana
2nd June: Pritličje / Ljubljana / 21:00
2nd June: MMC Kibla / Maribor / 21:00

/ Post-fest /
5th June: Klub Metulj / Bistrica ob Sotli / 20:00
5th June: Klub ZAkon / Vrhnika / 21:00
6th June: Cirkulacija 2 / Ljubljana / 20:00
7th June: Mladinski center Hrastnik / Hrastnik / 18:00

More info with embedded links for the pre-fest and post-fest on:

◙ ▬▬▬► Ticket discount prices: Both one-day and two-day tickets for the ZNFI 2016 can be purchased/ordered/reserved at the above locations for all the visitors coming to the pre-fest shows (from 1st – 2nd June) for a discount price (Both days: € 20 / Friday € 10 / Saturday: € 10) , and if you have ticket and want to join the post-fest shows also, you have free entrance with it (usually if there is any kind of entrance fee, on the above post-fest locations/venues, it is just free donations).

Main ZNFI festival program at Vašhava RTH (The Black Room) is going to present several noise projects, among the slovenian local bands/projects, notorious and blasting grindcore band from Nova Gorica, EXTREME SMOKE 57; experimental black metal noise duo SNØGG from Velenje; THE B. BEES, experimental duo based in Ljubljana w/ Jaka Berger & Vitja Balžalorski; local hardcore/noise performer UMDHLEBI from Koper etc.

There are a few specifically distinct acts/names from other countries like Italy, among them IOIOI, LAMETAFISICA, MARE DI DIRAC, UK acts like: BRUT, DRY GREED, ANIMAL MACHINE, belgian acts like KINDVRIENDELIJK, LIJEL, etc. For example, at Brut, we are confronted with audio-visual live actionism performance, project of Sonia Dietrich, fuelling the performance with intense visuals and vivid physical performance, conceptually opening the questions of the female body narrative, its control and manipulations/mutilations. Moving to Animal Machine from UK, who has collaborated with many different noise artists around the world, bringing out in his performances the intense noise experience with the sound he generates, coupled with visual elements of metal-noise visual feel, sonically delivering the utter blast and fresh energy to the noise performance. Continuing with VELGE NATURLIG, the representative from Portugal who works quite a lot on ambient and experimental sounds/soundscapes, and brings to the fore the ambient substance and contemplative elements to the overall sonic experience, combining it with abstract visuals.
The whole line-up of the 2016 ZNFI festival brings to the plate, strong and quite a specific set of various performers, each autonomously standing on their own ground and we can be convinced that none will fall short in delivering the final goods to the listener/audience.
Let us also mention CRANK STURGEON from USA, who already performed on the 1st edition of the festival in 2014, delivering the complete dosage of interactive and poetic inserts into his performances that usually unequivocally leave imprint on the visitor/listener. And one and only ZAN HOFFMAN (ZANSTONES/BODYCOCKTAIL) from USA, performer/singer, who is strikingly amusing and immersive in his ways of dealing with the listeners, and who is going to knock you off your feet with his wittiness – a perfect match for those who visit bars and those obsessed with drinking fresh cocktails.
ZNFI festival is the platform/medium, opening up the space for a concrete and direct exchange between performers and listeners, sharing the knowledge, enjoyment and enthusiasm among the lovers of experimental sound and noise.
Welcome to the ZNFI 2016 and join us in the noisy adventure in the forthcoming June.
Spread the Noise!!!
Notice: With your visit you support the performers, adding to the overall share to cover their travel costs.
Support the noise culture!!!

FB page (Share & Like):
Promo video (ZNFI 2016):

▬▬▬ The festival is supported by: Delavski Dom Trbovlje (DDT), Občina Hrastnik (Municipality of Hrastnik), Občina Trbovlje (Municipality of Trbovlje), Občina Zagorje (Municipality of Zagorje), Ministrstvo za kulturo (Ministry of culture), Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Partners/supporters/allies, on this list: http://znfi.org/allies
Vašhava RTH: by RTH (Rudnik Trbovlje-Hrastnik)

Highlighted clubs/venues/organizations connected to this year’s edition of the festival: Delavski dom Trbovlje / On-parole / Pharmafabrik Recordings / UPInde, Koper / MMC MinK, Tolmin & Sajeta festival, Tolmin / MMC Kibla, Maribor / Pritličje, Ljubljana / Klub Metulj, Bistrica ob Sotli / Cirkulacija 2, Ljubljana / Radio Študent, Ljubljana / Radio Marš, Maribor / Klub ZAkon, Vrhnika / Mladinski center Hrastnik / Festival Rdeči revirji / RTH. ▬▬▬

►►► ACCOMODATION for the visitors:

Here is the link to some of the hostels/mountain huts or cottages/guesthouses you can search for:


For the performers we book at these places (hostel Mladinski center Trbovlje is booked in this period; mountain hut Kum has 5 rooms with 6 beds & 3 rooms with 3 beds; usually there is still some space left):

List of other possible accomodations:

∆Mountain hut Mrzlica (12km from the venue)

∆ Sv. Planina (12km)

∆ Pri Vidrgarju (guesthouse, 19km)

∆ Hotel Aqua Roma (20km)

If you are with the car, all the places are relatively near and you get to see the environment. Driver shouldn't really drink too much, that's all (but with the whole night stretch at the festival and some food, shouldn't be a problem).

Check the locations on googlemaps! (you have the addresses on the above site when you click on the possible options for a sleeping place).

For those that are open for experimental sleeping-place solutions, just bring your sleeping bag along with your ear-plugs and the rest will follow.


Address: Obrat RTH, Nasipi 45, Trbovlje, Slovenia

Street view:

— If you are coming by car, from other countries, you are either headed to Ljubljana, Maribor or Koper, depending from which side you are entering; in any case, you are headed to Trbovlje, and if you are coming through Ljubljana (you drive in the direction towards Maribor and take the immediate exit at Šentjakob; the exit routes you to the road towards Litija and from there directly to Trbovlje; if you are coming from the Maribor side, you take the highway from Maribor to Celje, and from Celje, heading to Laško, and from there just keep driving until the crossroad (on the left Rimske Toplice and on the right Hrastnik/Dol pri Hrastniku), and once in Hrastnik, you will see the signs to Trbovlje.

— If you are coming by train, from Ljubljana to Trbovlje, you take the train going to the direction Zidani Most/Maribor; usually on the line 8/10 or 11/12 (one direction = 5,08 €). On the links below you can check/ask or phone them and inquire more.
More info:
Info number: +386 129 13 391 (work hourse: 08:00 - 15:00, except, saturdays/sundays)

More info/updates throughout the period till the festival starts.

◙ ▬▬▬► Festival is dedicated to our dear friend and music collaborator Daniel Buess (CH) who was supposed to visit and perform at the festival this year, for the third time around…R.I.P.