15 December 2010

Short history of Udo Kier

Nothing is Nowhere Everything is Somewhere (2008, 2009)
CD-R released by Debila Records (Slovenia) 
Limited to 50 copies
Net re-release by Smell the Stench Net Label (Australia)

I'm Not Drunk I'm Mentally Ill (2009) Net Release
Released by Love Torture Records (USA)

I Have Surrounded Myself with Idiots (2010) Net release
Released by Dark:Scene Records (Serbia)

Untitled 3'' CD-R (2010)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 14 copies

Paregorik (Czech Republic) / Udo Kier - Split tape C-24 (2009)
Released by To Hip to Hop Tapes (Australia)
Limited to 20 copies

Sonic Disorder (USA) / Udo Kier - Split tape C-20 (2010)
Released by Disorderly Domain (USA)

Udo Kier / Jerking Off Coma Patients (Belgium) / To-Bo (Germany) / Acustic Terror (Germany) - 4 way split net release (2010)
Released by Industrial Noise Records (Germany)

Jareniy Ciplyonak (Bulgaria) / Udo Kier - Split 3'' CD-R (2010)
Released by Pha-Q Phonographs (USA)
Limited to 10 copies

Udo Kier / Vomit Sprinkler (Slovenia) - Split tape C-30 (2010)
Released by D.Y.L.CHA.BU. Records (Ukraine)
Limited to 18 copies

Hinyouki  (Spain) / Saturn Form Essence (Ukraine) / Some Asian Females 
Bodybuilders (Spain) / Udo Kier / Writher (Vietnam)
5 way split tape C-100 (2011)
Released in co-operation with
Depressive Illusions Records and  Vibrio Cholerae Records (both Ukraine)
Limited to 100 copies

Udokier / Noise Mortanna / Taklamakan - 3 way split CD-R (2013)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 55 copies

Other appearances:

V/A Mail-Sound-Art Project '1 minute autohypnosis sex war' CD-R (2009)
Released by Mute Sound Records (Spain)

Tone Plus On Line Radio Show: Season 1, Episode 9 (2009)

V/A Pha-Q's Halloween Frightmare (Net release) (2009)
Released by Pha-Q Phonographs (USA)

V/A SUBliminalRECordings Vol. 3: You Are What You Eat! 2x CD-R (2009)
Released by SUBliminalRECordings (Greece)

V/A Total Confused (Net release) (2010)
Released by Industrial Noise Records (Germany)
V/A Two Years of Torture (Net release) (2010)
Released by Love Torture Records (USA)

V/A Wheel of Fortune #2 (Net release) (2010)
Released by Kermesse Records (Argentina)

Tone Plus On Line Radio Show: Season 2, Episode 14 (2010)

V/A Pigeon Pop Records Compilation (Net release) (2010)
Released by Pigeon Pop Records (USA)

V/A Shit Noise #5 CD-R (2010)
Limited to 50 copies
Released by Shit Noise Records (Germany)

V/A C:S - Volume 13 (Net release) (2012)
Released by Crime:Scene Records (Serbia)
Label and download

Noiselove (Net compilation) (2012)

V/A God, That's Fucking Horrible Tape (2013)
Released by Sludgesicle Records (USA)

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