12 March 2012

One Thousand Pilots - Maleus Meleficarum (Vol. 1) 3'' CD-R (2012)

One Thousand Pilots - Maleus Meleficarum (Vol. 1) 3'' CD-R (2012)
Released by Debila Records
Limited to 30 copies

Harsh Noise and industrial drone project by spanish artist Alejandro Remeseiro.
In his own words One Thousand Pilots is: 

Harsh Noise, industrial, landscapes, sometimes drones. One Thousand Pilots was discovered in 1997 while I was walking over an isolated place near Semipalatinsk (Kazhakstan): This place was formerly a huge "nuclear test field" during the soviet era, now full of isolated, tumbledown buildings, and towers in the middle of the steppe. Some inhabitants of the cities near to the zone, tell me about that there, in the isolated test fields, and during the last 30 years people have listened legends about the "The thousand pilots", a supposed kind of group or subhuman society living hidden and secretly in the underground and that got the ability to produce dreadful and frightening "sounds" to communicate, just using amplification of their contaminated throats...and brains. Near Semipalatinsk, in a isolated building, I found some reel tapes with just one label in the case "One Thousand Pilots". I can't say much more about this...


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