24 March 2015

Idwal Fisher's Filthy Turd review

Idwal Fisher reviewed the latest Filthy Turd 3'' CD-R on Debila.

After all this fumbling around in the lo-fi dark the leap in sound quality on the 3” CDR comes as quite a shock. Here a thousand edits of various Filthy Turd detritus are Sellotaped together to make one totally uncohesive whole.  Filthy sings about the ‘Spidery Girl’ and intones manic mantras whose words will forever remain hidden. There’s even a touch of the Whitehouse’s with Filthy reciting tales of strange beasts to the thumping clatter of synth in overdrive. Guitars appear for milliseconds amid distorted walls of feedback, dogs whine as their nails scrape parquet flooring, dogs bark, Filthy barks, Filthy gargles, bangs things, hits things, slows things down and speeds them up. Edits of live performances are jammed in between random Dictaphone utterances. 

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